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Justin-Siena seeks to support its students as they prepare to serve and lead in an ever changing world. When you align your passions with the needs of our ALLHEART community, your support unlocks the potential of our programs and our students.  

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  • Justin-Siena Fund

    At Justin-Siena, we honor the choice to make added investments in our students. Our school represents a broad range of backgrounds, exemplifying different passions, talents, and perspectives, that contribute immeasurable value to our community. The Justin-Siena Fund, an unrestricted fund to be used for monetary needs across the school, ensures that each student is able to fully embrace the ALLHEART experience. The impact of your donation will touch every aspect of student life including academics, campus ministry, co-curriculars, facilities, professional development, and tuition-assistance. The Justin-Siena Fund guarantees that our programs foster growth opportunities for ALL students entrusted to our care. 

  • Planned Giving and Legacy Circle

  • Braves Alliance

    As a Braves Alliance sponsor, your business or corporation will help ensure the longevity and success of the co-curricular programs that enrich and promote student growth. Braves Alliance is a unique opportunity for those who follow our students in their co-curricular activities and promises important incentives and perks for the sponsor. Program beneficiaries are athletics, robotics, mock trial, and the arts.
  • BravesUnited Day of Giving

    BravesUnited is our annual, online fundraising event that raises funds for specific needs of each co-curricular program. Whether the immediate need is a new scoreboard for the baseball team or a refurbished costume department for theater, BravesUnited campaigns target the co-curriculars that are important to the individual donor. The annual event allows for participants to take ownership of their needs and assist in program enhancements.
  • The Gift of Time, Talent, and Treasure

    Each one of us is graced with gifts to share – whether it be prioritizing time in a busy day to volunteer for a Justin-Siena event; coming to campus to talk with students about your area of expertise; or putting aside a small portion of the family budget for valuable added investment in the school; each one has something to offer. We hope you will take time to discover ways you can share your time, talent, and treasure with the Justin-Siena community. Be part of our Lasallian mission of accessible, quality education for all.
  • Endowed Scholarship Funds

    Named Endowed Scholarship Funds offer a unique opportunity to assist in fulfilling our mission and to establish a lasting memory for future generations. For more information about creating a named endowed fund, contact Andrea Flores, Director of Philanthropy at 707.255.0950 ext. 610.

    Permanently Endowed Scholarship Funds
         Frederick and Victoria Carlson Scholarship (est. 1998)
         Dodd Family Scholarship (est. 2006)
         Scott Evans '97 Memorial Scholarship (est. 1997)
         James Ghilotti Memorial Scholarship (est. 2001)
         David J. Holquin Scholarship (est. 2021)

         John Korte III '83 Scholarship
         Shannon Lemieux '06 Graduate Scholarship (est. 2005)

         Damian Maldonado '07 Memorial Scholarship (est. 2009)
         Minigan Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
         Robert C. Morrish Memorial Scholarship (est. 2005)
         Louis Pierotti '72 Scholarship (est. 2020)
         Robert (Bob) Rota '71 Memorial Scholarship (est. 2019)
         Robert L. and Lydia Rufran Scholarship (est. 2008)
         Mary Sheffer Scholarship (est. 1984)
         Mark A. Stapleton '82 Memorial Scholarship
         Brian Towey '73 Scholarship  (est. 2011)
         Alex H. Urban Scholarship (est. 2007)
         Damian Vela, MD Candle of Knowledge Scholarship (est. 2014)
         Eric Wolfe '75 Scholarship (est. 2020)

         Veronica Zimmermann '09 Memorial Scholarship (est. 2009)

    Senior Grad Scholarships
         John Biale '77 Memorial Scholarship
         Richard Janese '02 Scholarship (est. 2001) (Restricted)
         Shannon Lemieux '06 Graduate Scholarship (est. 2005)
         Paul Sheffer '77 Memorial Scholarship (1980)
  • Gift in kind for Signature Events and School Needs

    Our events are not possible without the generosity of our community.  Whether it is wine donations, auctions items, or experiences, gifts in kind are a significant and valuable way to support our community. To learn more about this year's needs, please contact Br. Kevin Slate, FSC and Caroline Gerlomes '79.

Contact Us:

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  • Photo of Matthew D. Powell

    Matthew D. Powell 

    707.255.0950 ext. 641
  • Photo of Andrea Flores

    Andrea Flores 

    Vice President for Advancement
    707.255.0950 ext. 610
  • Photo of Br. Kevin Slate,

    Br. Kevin Slate, FSC 

    Director of Donor Relations
    707.255.0950 ext. 705
  • Photo of Jennifer Rasler

    Jennifer Rasler '86 

    Advancement Associate
    707.255.0950 ext. 764
  • Photo of Beth Fenton

    Beth Fenton 

    Advancement Associate - Communications
    707.255.0950 ext. 763

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Justin-Siena is a Lasallian Catholic college preparatory community that serves young people in grades 9–12.