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Lasallian Student Life

St. John Baptist de La Salle(MTR 1:2 [Med 193.2]).

Inspire and lead others by encouraging them.

Lasallian Student Life

An essential foundation of for our students’ success is the sense of belonging and community. This place is their home. Current research is clear that adolescents will not grow toward becoming their best selves without the security and confidence that comes from healthy community support. Our mission is clear about that too.

The Lasallian Student Life (LSL) office is the heartbeat of student culture, guiding our students themselves to lead our community. LSL articulates our common identity (We are all heart.), creates opportunities for students to meaningfully connect, facilitates opportunities to serve those in need, and leads both the development of school spirit and spirituality - all in alignment with the mission of our beloved school.

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Justin-Siena High School

Justin-Siena is a Lasallian Catholic college preparatory community that serves young men and women in grades 9–12.