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Be Brave: Over 55 Years of JS Athletics

Meet the Athletic Directors!

George Nessman is in his 10th year as the Justin-Siena Athletic Director. Previously, George coached College Basketball as the Head Coach at San Jose State for 9 years. He also assisted at UC Berkeley for 1 year, and coached at Porterville College for 10 years. 

Previous to his college coaching experience, George coached at De la Salle High School in Concord for 9 years total, 7 as the head coach. He also worked as a teacher at De la Salle in the Religious studies program.

Nessman holds a degree in Social Work from the University of California, a Masters in Education from San Francisco State, and a Masters in Health, PE, and Recreation from St. Mary's College.


Meet the Athletic Directors!

Andrew Bettencourt '02 is in his 3rd year as Assistant Athletic Director, and his 10th overall working at Justin-Siena full time. Andrew also serves as the Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, and coached the JV Football team the past 2 years. 

This past season, the Braves went 25-7 while winning the VVAL Regular Season and Tournament Championships. The Braves were the #3 seed in NCS Division 4 and won 2 games to earn a berth in the NCS Semis and qualify for the CIF State Playoffs. The Braves also won the REIBT in Healdsburg and were the NCS D4 Scholastic Champions with a non-weighted team GPA of 3.91.

A JS class of '02 alum, Coach Bettencourt played four years of football at JS and was a member of the 2001 section championship team. 

Personally, coach holds his BA in History from Sonoma State University and is an alum of Justin-Siena. He and his wife Maci live in Sonoma with his step-daughters Hailey and Lia.

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  • Athletic Packet

    During the registration process, students/parents were asked if the student was interested in participating in sports at Justin-Siena. If “Yes” was selected, then they were prompted through a series of questions that indicated the sports of interest, as well as the acknowledgements of the Athletic Department Policies. This information is used in school rosters and mailing lists; if families are unsure that the correct information was entered, they should contact Willem Winkelman. Also, if “No” was selected at the time of registration, and the student now wishes to participate, please contact any member of the Athletic Department to receive the correct forms and information. Forms are available to the right.
  • VVAL Meeting Minutes

    The VVAL member schools meet regularly.  Find the recordings and meeting minutes on this page.
  • CIF Regulations

    All eligibility requirements are set by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), the North Coast Section (NCS), the Vine Valley Athletic League (VVAL) and Justin-Siena.
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  • General Athletic Department Policies

    The goals for Braves' athletic teams are straight-forward and two-fold: 1. Provide the best possible learning and developmental experience for each student on a roster. 2. Provide the best opportunity for the team to succeed.

    Justin-Siena will provide the student athlete with the best possible opportunity to participate in athletics. All sports have standards for participation which need to be met by the students. Some sports have limited rosters and do make cuts after try outs.

    After joining a team, a student athlete must finish that season before going out for another sport unless there is agreement between the two coaches and the Athletic Director. Any student athlete who quits a team after the roster has been established (or in the case of no-cut sports, after the first two weeks of practice or after the first competition, whichever comes first) may not try out for the next sport until the first season of sport is completed.

    Academic progress should be the priority of all Justin-Siena students and supported and enhanced by participation in athletics. Sports provide a great learning opportunity. However, all  students should be aware that participation in athletics requires a significant time commitment. Students need to plan accordingly to prioritize their academic success and consider other school commitments in the context of their being on a team.

    No student athlete should miss a practice or contest due to participation in another school activity or co-curricular, with the exception of school retreats, unless approval is given ahead of time by the coach. 

    Student-athletes will not be penalized for attending retreats; however, students are encouraged to try to attend a retreat outside the season of sport.

    Seniors who have participated the previous three years in a program will be given special consideration in making a team.

    No interscholastic games, practice or workouts shall occur on Sundays, Christmas Day, Good Friday, or any other Catholic Holy Day as indicated by the Athletic Department or the Administration.
  • Informed Consent

    Parents and students need to be aware of the potential dangers of participation in athletics since there is a risk of being injured in all sports. The risk of injury may be severe, including, but not limited to, varieties of fractures, sprains, contusions, brain injuries, paralysis, or even death. Risk of injury may be reduced through parent insistence that student athletes carefully follow all of the guidelines given by coaching staff and school regarding training rules, safety procedures, proper use of equipment, legal and safe playing techniques, and any other safety procedures as warranted by each particular sport or situation.
  • Practice Regulations

    • Practices should begin and end at the time stated by the coach on the team practice schedule. Locker rooms will be supervised until all student athletes have departed. Coaches will remain after practices until all student athletes have left the school premises. Parents, please be mindful of being as prompt as possible when picking up students after practice.

    • The athlete must contact the coach prior to practice if he/she is going to be absent from practice. If an athlete fails to contact the coach before the practice, then it will be considered unexcused.

    • An injured player must have a release in writing from the doctor and be cleared by the Athletic Trainer to participate in practice or a game. The Athletic Trainer will communicate to the student athlete and parents when a physician’s clearance is needed to return to play.

    • All injured players must check in with the Athletic Trainer upon their first day back at school.

    ** CIF Policy allows for a maximum of 18 hours of practice per week (which includes weight training, film sessions and meetings) and no more than four hours of practice activity in any single day.
  • Procedures For Communicating Concerns

    Justin-Siena desires to encourage positive relationships between parents, coaches and student athletes through effective communication. Coaches make decisions based on what they believe to be best for the team and all students. It is the coach’s job to make team decisions concerning playing time, position on the team, team strategy, and tactics.
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  • Procedures for Tryouts

    • Athletes who try out late due to overlapping seasons must be given the opportunity to make a team.
    • A minimum 3-day tryout will be given each student athlete.
    • A student who does not make a team may ask and receive an explanation from the coach.
    • A student who does not make a team is eligible to try out for another team if the coach of the second team is agreeable.
    • A student who quits a team after the roster has been set, will be ineligible for any other teams for the remainder of the season.
  • Away Athletic Contest Supervision and Overnight Trips

  • Transportation Policy

    • When the school provides bus transportation to and from a school-sponsored activity, students are required to travel to and from the activity on the school-provided bus unless otherwise stated.
    • When bus transportation is not provided, the school will arrange transportation through the use of other school and/or private vehicles.
    • Private vehicles will be driven by adult volunteers/employees of the school who have the following:
       • A valid California driver’s license.
       • A $300,000 combined single limit automobile insurance coverage.
       • A verification of coverage and insurance acknowledgement form on file with the school.
    • Students may travel with their parents or by themselves to and from activities, under special circumstances, with written permission from their parents and approval of the Principal or Athletic Director (for athletic events). (Example: Softball game in Fairfield; if approved a player who lives in Fairfield may drive to game from Justin-Siena and then go home after the game without having to come back to Napa.) In such cases, siblings may ride with their brothers or sisters.
    • Students may not travel to and from out-of-town activities with other student drivers.
    • Under special circumstances, students may drive other students to and from activities that occur within an eight-mile radius of Justin-Siena. (Example: Work associated with Religious Studies Practicum, Campus Ministry, yearbook, journalism, peer helping, student activities or games at Napa or Vintage High Schools.) Such drivers must have or meet the following:
    o A valid California Driver’s license.
    o Meet all criteria required by the State of California to transport other minors
    o A $300,000 combined single limit automobile insurance coverage.
    o A verification of coverage and insurance.
    • Written permission on file from the parent of the driver and the passengers stating that they are aware that at times other students may be driving their child or that their child is driving other students and that they approve of this practice.
    • Under special circumstances, parent drivers, who meet the above qualifications for private vehicles may transport students who are not their children home from a school activity if the activity director or coach has written permission from the student’s parents and the school has on file the information verifying insurance coverage and driver’s license. (Example: Basketball games in San Rafael. JV game concludes. A qualified parent driver could take a JV player home that does not wish to stay for the Varsity game.)
    • The full Transportation Safety Plan may be found on the school website (under Student Life>Bus Schedule) at
    * Tim Garcia is Director of Transportation. For more information:
  • Supporting Justin-Siena Athletics

    Supporting Justin-Siena Athletics
    Justin-Siena Athletics depends on the support of Braves parents, family members, and friends in order to create a quality atmosphere. We are a more vibrant community and have more to offer because of the parents, extended family and alumni who share their expertise, enthusiasm and care for our athletes and fans. When you volunteer, you build relationships with other parents and serve as role models in our student community, demonstrating the Lasallian tradition of service. Volunteers are needed for various duties, including ticket sales, concessions, score keeping, announcing, and other sport-specific activities. 

    Braves Alliance 

    Athletics, Arts, Robotics, and Mock Trial are an important part of a Justin-Siena education. Join the Braves Alliance and you can help ensure that these successful programs, which enrich the Justin-Siena experience for our students, continue to thrive. The Braves Alliance is a unique opportunity for those who follow our students in their co-curricular activities to support our student programs with various perks for the sponsor.


    Banners are viewed by parents and fans of all community and professional athletic teams who use Justin-Siena’s Stadium: The Golden State Warriors Youth Basketball Camp, the San Francisco Giants Youth Baseball Camps, Napa Saints, Napa Force Lacrosse, and Cycle for Sight.

    Questions regarding support for athletics?
    We want to hear your ideas and answer your questions. Please contact:
    Athletic Director George Nessman
    Andy Bettencourt

  • Uniform/Spirit Pack/Equipment/Camp Fees

    Specific sports have uniform, spirit pack, and other equipment or camp costs. Each Head Coach will provide information regarding these additional costs. Need-based financial assistance is available; contact the Athletic Director for more information. Spirit Pack items can be purchased in the online Braves Store.

Our Coaches

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  • Photo of Andrew Bettencourt

    Andrew Bettencourt 

    Assistant Athletic Director; Head Girls Basketball Coach
    707.255.0950 ext. 645
  • John Derr 

    Head Boys Water Polo Coach
  • Jonathan Edie 

    Head Girls LaCrosse Coach
  • Ray Graziani 

    Head Golf Coach
  • Monica Linn 

    Head Boys & Girls Swim & Dive Coach
  • Tracy Martin 

    Head Track and Field Coach
  • Jim Reilly 

    Head Tennis Coach
  • Photo of Tyler Streblow

    Tyler Streblow 

    Gasser Center Associate; Head Varsity Football Coach; Outside Facilities Coordinator
    707.255.0950 ext. 671
  • Photo of Jeremy Tayson

    Jeremy Tayson 

    Admissions & Communications Associate; Head Baseball Coach
    707.255.0950 ext. 734

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