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The Justin-Siena Science Department provides personal and collaborative instruction to facilitate the development in all students skills of observation, inquiry, experimentation, research, interpretation of data, critical reasoning, problem-solving, and effective communication of results in written, verbal, and graphical mediums.  Students move well beyond rote memorization to engage in regular hands-on lab work and application of concepts, and to gain confidence in their reading and writing across scientific fields.  Subsequently, students are well-prepared for college-level study of science, as well as lifelong appreciation of the importance of science in serving our society and global community.


Justin-Siena Graduation Requirement: Three years required
UC/CSU Admissions Requirement: Two years required; three years recommended

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  • Photo of Christopher Fidler

    Christopher Fidler 

    Instructor of Science and Engineering; Department Chair
    707.255.0950 ext. 547
  • Photo of Elaine Cavalin

    Elaine Cavalin 

    Instructor of Science
    77.255.0950 ext. 733
  • Photo of Jeffrey Chappell

    Jeffrey Chappell 

    Instructor of Science
    707.255.0950 ext. 639
  • Photo of Lisa Henry

    Lisa Henry 

    Instructor of Science
    707.255.0950 ext. 761
  • Photo of Spencer Joske

    Spencer Joske 

    Instructor of Science
    707.255.0950 ext. 724
  • Photo of Matthias Mueller

    Matthias Mueller 

    Instructor of Science
    707.255.0950 ext. 739

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