School Leadership

It is an honor to have been chosen to lead and serve this amazing community. I will devote my full energies to ensure our school’s continued growth and development -- in the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle and St. Catherine of Siena. I can’t wait until school begins in August!
A special word to parents and guardians: Thank you for entrusting your daughters and sons to Justin-Siena’s care. You are the first and most impactful teachers they will ever have. From you they first learned life’s most important lessons. From you they learned the “Golden Rule” and how to live a life of faith, hope, and love. Thank you for all you do to support the mission of Justin-Siena. The role you play is vital for our school’s success, and I look forward to meeting and partnering with you.
To faculty and staff: I am excited to work with you and for you! Your education, training, and hard work profoundly impact your students' lives. You help them discover their talents, abilities, and unique callings. While yes, you are preparing students for college and career success, more importantly, you embody and model Justin-Siena’s mission of “educational excellence in a loving, Christ-centered community that prepares students to serve and to lead in an ever-changing world.” In doing so, you are fostering their growth in age, wisdom, and grace.
To the amazing students of Justin-Siena High School: You are the HEART of the school! I am hearing great things about you. You are not waiting until some distant future to make your mark, as you are already making an impact for the good of JSHS and your local communities. The faculty and staff think the world of you. I am looking forward to meeting you and learning from you, and being a part of the energy and excitement of the Justin-Siena community. 
To Justin-Siena Alumni: Justin-Siena students stand on the shoulders of the giants who made this school the pride of Napa, Solano, and Sonoma counties -- the women and men who graduated from this fantastic school. You have built a living legacy of achievement and service. I look forward to meeting with our graduates to learn more about the role alumni play for current and future students, and to encourage you to engage as much as possible in the school you helped build.
Finally, a message to David Holquin: Thank you for your outstanding leadership at Justin-Siena. You led by example, and you live out the We believe. We love. We will. ethos in a powerful and authentic way. Your leadership and example truly enriched Justin-Siena High School, and I will do my best to honor the legacy you created.
Live Jesus in our Hearts, Forever!
Lars Lund