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As a Lasallian Catholic school, Justin-Siena is committed to accessibility for families of various financial realities and is proud to provide over $4.1 million in tuition assistance for qualified and deserving families of various means. Our Tuition Assistance Program allows families to make the Justin-Siena experience possible for their children. There is no pre-determined level of earnings that automatically disqualifies a family from receiving tuition assistance. Applicants with the same income level may have other factors that are considered, such as the number of students at Justin-Siena, assets owned and other personal circumstances. The tuition assistance award is based on a careful evaluation of all of the applicant’s financial information. The determination is made on a case-by-case basis, and the school assists families with need although does not support lifestyle choices that might otherwise be able to be used for tuition. The range of tuition assistance awarded can be up to 90% of the cost for full tuition.

Application Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is tuition for the current school year?

    Tuition for the current school year is $22,750. The tuition package is inclusive of most significant fees that other private schools typically charged families throughout the year. The following fees are included: student life, athletics, theatre, retreats, yearbook, and graduation. We are pleased to offer this tuition structure which provides greater savings and allows for better family planning and cash flow management.
  • Q. Are there loans?

    If you are interested in alternate education loans to help with tuition, Your Tuition Solution offers low fixed-rate educational loans to help families pay for private school education. DOWNLOAD a brochure for more information.
  • Q. What does the tuition at Justin-Siena cover?

    Tuition revenue covers all academic program budgets, salaries, healthcare, and retirement benefits for teachers, administrators, staff and coaches, and the majority of co-curricular programs such as the arts and athletics. Tuition also covers basic day-to-day maintenance and operations of our physical plant, and our technology program.

    As with most independent and private schools, tuition alone does not cover the full annual cost of operations. Additional funds are needed for such items like capital improvements, special projects, endowment growth, and program enhancements such as technology or upgrades to athletic and arts facilities. We also raise additional funds to assist in subsidizing portions of our co-curricular budgets such as athletic and the arts, and our transportation program, which transports students safely to and from school as well as to school activities and athletic contests
  • Q. How is tuition assistance awarded?

    Justin-Siena contracts with FACTS Management, a third-party company that specializes in evaluating a family’s ability to pay tuition based on a variety of factors including family size, income, assets and net worth, number of children for whom the family pays tuition and other pertinent data.

    The School will review all FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment applications for tuition assistance and determine awards to be provided to each family based on the amount of resource funds available, the number of families who apply and each family’s relative need.
  • Q. What are the factors used to determine a family's tuition assistance?

    • Income: defined as pre-tax earnings from wages, business activity, investments, rental income, etc..
    • Other Assets: Savings, stocks, home equity, etc..
    • Family Size: Living allowances taking into account the number of people in a household and costs associated with expenses such as food, medical needs, and child care.
    • Family Educational Commitments: Other parochial or private school tuition or college tuition for siblings.
    • Unique Family Circumstances: This includes medical emergencies or other unexpected necessities.
    • Divorced, separated, or never-married parents: Both custodial and non-custodial parents are required to submit a FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application as a part of the process. This is regardless of any legal arrangement. Exceptions to this are only granted upon written request, which must contain a full explanation of why both parents are unable to complete the required forms.
  • Q. Will I receive tuition assistance all four years?

    When Justin-Siena makes a commitment to a student and family, tuition assistance will be made available during all years of attendance provided that an application is completed annually and that the family financial circumstances essentially remain the same. All tuition assistance awards are dependent on school resources being available.
  • Q. When is the deadline to apply?

    Submit your completed application along with all of the required documentation to FACTS Management by: 

    January 31, 2024 for NEW STUDENTS
    March 1, 2024 for RETURNING STUDENTS

  • Q. How do I apply for tuition assistance?

    Families begin the process by completing and submitting the online FACTS Management Grant & Aid Assessment application. FACTS will collect from each applicant a $40 processing fee which is required to submit the application. 
    Applicants are also required to submit 2021 W-2s, Schedule 1040 tax returns including all schedules, and 2022 W-2s, Schedule 1040 tax returns including all schedules (when available). 

    Justin-Siena High School’s FACTS Institution ID is: 731
  • Q. When will I be notified whether or not I will receive tuition assistance?

    New students meeting the January 31 deadline, will receive notification by mail with their admission decision, prior to the registration deadline. 

    Returning students meeting the March 1 deadline, will receive notification by mail beginning at the end of March
  • Q. Do you offer Merit Based Scholarships?

    Yes, we offer three merit based scholarships based on academic achievement, interest in The Arts, and interest in Science, Math, and Engineering. You may apply for both Tuition Assistance and Merit Based Scholarships, or just the Merit Based Scholarships alone. 

    Applications are due January 31. Please click here for more information. 

    Merit Based Scholarship Application

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