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Get ready for the 2022-2023 Academic Year! Here you will find everything you need to know to successfully prepare for the coming school year whether you're a returning student, an incoming freshman, or joining us from another country. We look forward to welcoming everyone to campus in August. Have a wonderful summer!


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  • AQI Decision Making

    The school regularly monitors AQI levels using the numbers from AirNow.Gov and the Bay Area  Air Quality Management District. In general, the school will review the below decision tree when considering how to approach in-person instruction. These guidelines may be adjusted as necessary. 

    AQI Decision Tree 
    AQI Number
    Decision Protocol
    0 - 99 
    No restrictions 
    100 - 149
    Students and staff in the sensitive category should reduce strenuous outdoor activities
    150 - 199
    School may be closed for in-person instruction or the bell schedule adjusted; digital learning may be employed; outdoor athletics canceled
    200 - 249
    School is closed for in-person instruction; digital learning may be employed; all athletic activities canceled
    250 +
    School is closed for in-person instruction; digital learning may be employed; school personnel should consider staying home; all athletic activities canceled

    Parents are encouraged to make the best decision for their child and individual family situation. Please contact the Attendance Office at 707.255.0950 ext. 677 or should your child be absent or your intend to keep them home. 
  • Dress Code

    Learn more about the Dress Code. Access the Lands' End Store here.

  • Orientation for All Classes

    Orientation for all students will take place August 11-16.
    Read More
  • Orientation for Transfer/International Students

    Transfer/New International Student Orientation: August 16
    10th grade 11am-2pm
    11th grade 1pm-3:30pm
    12th grade 11am-1:30pm

  • School Pictures/Senior Portraits

    Lifetouch ID pictures will be taken as a part of student orientations. Students are to be in dress code for the required photo that is taken at the start of school for their Student ID cards (portrait pricing and order forms).

    School ID: EVTCTK8ZQ

    Seniors are to contact Kathy Kellebrew to have their yearbook senior portrait.
  • Volunteer Form

    Volunteering is at the core of our mission. We are a more vibrant community and have more to offer because of the parents, extended family, and alumni who share their expertise, enthusiasm and care for our students. Volunteers also serve as valuable role models in are student community, demonstrating each day the Lasallian tradition of service.

    Let us know here how you would like to be involved!
  • Dining Hall

    Please review the Food Service Policy and other information about our Food Service program in the Dining Hall.  The Bassetts are also now excited to offer Venmo:  @jshs-dining 


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  • Braves College Guide

    The Braves College Guide is the first step to familiarize yourself with today's college admissions process. Designed to offer your student a smooth and approachable admissions experience, The Braves College Guide contains information about:
    • Our College Counseling team philosophy
    • Timelines by grade
    • Standardized testing
    • Athletic recruitment
    • Helpful links and FAQs about a variety of admissions topics
  • Class Schedule Changes

    Students may initiate changes to their fall class schedule by requesting the course change through their counselors before Friday, September 2.  Requests for class changes based on teacher preference or the desire to be with one’s friends will be denied. Courses dropped from a class schedule prior to September 2 will not be reflected on a student’s transcript.

    After the deadline, class changes must be initiated by a student’s teacher or counselor on his/her behalf.

    All student schedule changes are subject to approval by the Dean of Academics.
  • Course Lists

    Returning students were emailed their tentative course lists on June 2. Course lists for the Class of 2026 were emailed on June 7. Should you have any questions, our counselors will be available to answer them when they return to the office on August 8.
  • Summer Assignments

    Many Honors, AP®, and language courses have required summer assignments.  These assignments are necessary for success in intensive courses as they provide a head start on curriculum and an opportunity for extended practice in foundational skills. Summer assignments were distributed by teachers and posted in Schoology.

    The assignments may be found in the Resources section of the Schoology Groups for the Classes of 2023, 2024, and 2025.

    Transfer students should have received a link in the Tentative Course List 22-23 email.

    Courses with Summer Assignments:
    AP® English Language and Composition (107)
    AP® English Literature and Composition (109) 
    Honors English 10: Coming of Age Literature (161)
    H English 11: American Literature (153)
    Honors English 12: Global Literature (154)
    AP® Calculus AB (313)
    AP® Calculus BC (335)
    Honors Pre-Calculus (312)
    AP® Biology (408)
    AP® Chemistry (419)
    AP® US Government and Politics (517)
    AP® Macroeconomics/Microeconomics (525/526)
    AP® US History (503)
    AP® Spanish Language and Culture (237)
    Honors Spanish III (205)
    AP® 2D Art and Design / AP Drawing (770/771)
  • Textbooks Purchasing Directions

    Justin-Siena partners with Flannery Book Service which provides the textbook list through a web portal where families can compare prices and purchase books from online merchants.  

    Click here for the textbook and a FAQ list with detailed and important information regarding textbook purchasing. 
  • Join Textbook Buy, Sell, and Swap Group in Schoology

    Login to Schoology, and then enter and join the Schoology Group: “Textbook Buy, Sell, and Swap,” and post which books you would like to sell and which books you would like to buy for next year.  In this way, you can make your own trades with school community members beyond your immediate friends and family members.  (If you are having trouble accessing the Textbook Buy, Sell, and Swap Group, make sure you are logged in to Schoology.  Click on Groups.  Click on Join.  And enter the Access Code 795P-XNHT-D2HWP.)

    Please remember:  You must have the exact ISBN.  Do not trust a book cover or assume a book will be the same as last year.  Book covers and editions change and update frequently.  Additionally,  do not buy any used workbooks or paperbacks for English classes; all workbooks and English class paperbacks must be in brand new condition, without any marks, notes, or answers written in them.
  • Physical Fitness Requirement

    Students meet the Physical Fitness requirement by participating in approved physical activities for two years or six athletic seasons.
    • Athletic seasons are defined as the dates inclusive of fall sports, winter sports, spring sports, and summer workouts.
    • Successful completion of two semesters of a Justin-Siena physical education or dance class fulfills one year of the Physical Fitness requirement.   
    • For off-campus physical activities, one season is the equivalent of 36 hours of participation in a physical activity. 
    Download the Physical Fitness Requirement Form for tracking off-campus physical fitness activities. The form includes directions, requirements, and guidelines and is not needed for on-campus athletic activities. 


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  • Fall Sports

    Include cross country, football, girls golf, girls tennis, volleyball, and boys and girls water polo.
  • Practice and Conditioning

    Many programs are active over the summer.  Contact the head coach for more information about your program's summer schedule. 

    All SportsWare and Physical forms must be completed and verified prior to attending practice.  

    Official Start Dates for In-Season Fall Sport Practices
    Fall: August 8
    Winter: October 31
    Spring: February 6
  • Required Forms

    All SportsWare forms and an updated Physical Form must be completed prior to participation.  Access those resources on the Sports Medicine page. Please contact Mrs. Goble at, for troubleshooting.


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  • Tuition Payments

    We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Blackbaud Tuition Management for the processing and collection of tuition and fees for the 2022·2023 school year.

    Select a payment method that works best for you
    • Choose to receive a monthly invoice, or
    • Set up recurring automatic payments from your bank account or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted
    • Review account history, transaction details, and print monthly invoices
    • Edit your contact information, password. and payment method
    • Make a payment or set up recurring payments
    Payments in cash or check are always accepted In the Business Office
  • Bus Passes/Bus Route Schedules

    Bus passes may be purchased online or in person via the Business Office prior to the first day of school if your child plans to take the bus. While there are several different pass purchase options available the annual pass offers the best value.  Monthly plan is available are available, contact Eileen Simmons in the Business Office for more information.

    The schedule for the bus routes and the transportation plan may be found here.

    Please read the Transportation Safety Plan.
  • Student Drivers

    All student drivers must complete an automobile registration form which will be posted on Schoology the first week of school. Please see Mrs. Ramirez in the Attendance Office (BBC) with any questions.


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  • Academic Policies

    • Students in quarantine are responsible for staying in communication with their teachers and regularly checking their class Schoology pages.
    • Students will be expected to complete all assignments by the assigned due dates.
    • Faculty are responsible for posting assignments on their Schoology pages by 3:30pm each day.
    • Faculty will remain in communication with students and families via email. Meetings can be scheduled between student and teacher through Zoom if further assistance or clarification is needed.
  • COVID-19 Exposures and Positive Cases

    Quarantine protocols for student close contacts, regardless of vaccination status:
    Quarantine is NOT required.  Students with an exposure who are without symptoms may remain in school and participate in all school activities in conjunction with testing protocols.  If symptoms develop, stay home, test, and alert the COVID Safety Team.
    Isolation for Persons who Test Positive for COVID-19 
    Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, previous infection, or lack of symptoms, will undergo isolation when testing positive for COVID-19.  

    Isolation can end on day 6 if:
    • Symptoms are not present or are resolving, and no fever present for 24 hours without medication on day 5 or later.
    • A well-fitting mask is worn around others for a total of 10 days in both outdoor and indoor environments.
  • Vaccines and Boosters

    • Vaccinations and boosters are strongly encouraged for all eligible members of our community. All vaccinated students and staff must send their vaccine cards to Sarah Goble (COVID Compliance Officer) or upload in the student's SportsWare account.

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