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Cross Country


NCS Scholastic Champions: '06, '15 (Boys), '16 (Boys), '17 (Boys), '17 (Girls)

League Champions: '79 (Girls), '80 (Girls), '88 (Boys), '89 (Boys), '90 (Boys), '97 (Boys), '97 (Girls), '98 (Boys), '99 (Boys), '99 (Girls), 

Program Philosophy

To create an environment that encourages a positive team atmosphere and strong commitment to being the best we can be. The Justin-Siena Cross Country team welcomes all students to participate in the ultimate fitness foundation that contributes to improved performance in other sports, health and academic focus. Our individual efforts are part of a collaborative team that unites us as both athletes and students of Justin-Siena striving for success in sports and in life. Be one and for all in Justin-Siena Cross Country!

  • Official start date - December 14, 2020

Meet the Coach

Belinda Halloran is also our Head Cross Country Coach and  has worked as the Varsity Associate Head Soccer Coach for the girls while at Justin Siena High School. In 2020, Halloran led the boys soccer team to their first playoff appearance in 10 seasons. Coach Halloran is a 6x World Triathlon Champion Medalist and 7-time Australian National team member. She is also a national medalist in Track and Field. A state and high school cross country runner and soccer player, Halloran is combing two of her favorite sports here in Justin and hopes to share with students the experience she gained as a professional athlete for over 15 years. Coach Belinda Halloran, a former professional athlete and state level soccer player, is the current Womens Director of Coaching at Napa Soccer Academy where she is the coach of 2 teams. An Australian native, Halloran started focusing on coaching soccer and gaining US Soccer Certification when she moved to the USA 7 years ago after leaving her line of work as an elected official in Sydney. A member of the Women's NorCal Soccer Committee she is excited to bring her wealth of experience in competitive sport to a new arena and lead the boys in their Soccer journey. retiring from professional sport, Coach Halloran went into politics in Sydney, Australia becoming the Deputy Mayor of Mosman. Here, Halloran focused on the youth and minority groups, creating a program to improve awareness in youth depression and improving accessibility for the disabled. 

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