Mission, History, Heritage

A Lasallian Catholic School

Our Mission

Justin-Siena is a Catholic high school in the Lasallian tradition called to provide educational excellence in a loving, Christ-centered community that prepares students to serve and to lead in an ever-changing world.

History and Heritage

Born of a collaboration between the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael and the De La Salle Christian Brothers, Justin-Siena has served families in the Napa Valley and beyond since 1966. Although firmly rooted in Napa, we are part of a Lasallian ministry that spans continents, centuries, and generations.
We celebrate our Lasallian Catholic heritage as an independent college preparatory school. We serve as sisters and brothers to our students, celebrate God’s holy presence, and commit ourselves to ensuring access to those who seek this experience.

Our School Seal

In addition to identifying our physical location and the year of our founding, our seal contains the history of our school. The Justin-Siena High School seal embodies the icons of the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael (who co-sponsored the school through the 2005-06 academic year) and the De La Salle Christian Brothers. 

The original black and white cross, or Fleury, has been associated with Dominicans since the 13th century and indicates a spiritual ideal in spreading the Gospel of Christ by preaching and teaching. The five-pointed star signifies the sign of faith, which guides all Christian Brothers and Lasallian partners in their vocation of Christian education. 

The shield containing these two icons symbolizes the Dominican shield which first appeared in the early 15th century when the Order of Preachers began using the shield as a coat-of-arms for identification. Finally, Sempre Avanti heralds the legacy of the Brothers, and more specifically, Justin High School. Meaning always forward, these words appeared on the original school seal of Justin High School representing a commitment always to look forward and to uphold a high standard for preparing students to serve and to lead in an ever-changing world.

Justin-Siena High School

Justin-Siena is a Lasallian Catholic college preparatory community that serves young men and women in grades 9–12.