School Counseling Department

Counselors serve as a resource to students, teachers, advisors, and parents. Whether working one-to-one or in a group setting, our goal is to promote student well-being and to boost achievement through the development of self-awareness, coping skills, resilience, self-advocacy and planning skills.  
Justin-Siena counselors help students discover and maximize
their academic and social strengths so that they are
prepared for college and life beyond high school.

Our Approach

To best position students for the future, we offer:

School and personal guidance that is SPECIALIZED and PERSONALIZED. Counselors meet with students individually at least once per quarter to refine personal goals, measure academic progress, and plan for college. At Justin-Siena we recognize that each student will take a unique path towards graduation; thus, our approach considers the needs, strengths, and areas of growth of the individual student in planning for the future.

COMPREHENSIVE school and college planning. Each quarter, counselors push in to advisory sessions to deliver needs-based guidance. Our first freshman advisory sessions, for example, will focus on the needs of a 9th grader transitioning to high school: managing a schedule with increased rigor, coping with shifting peer groups, and getting connected through activities on and off campus. Our sophomore, junior, and senior advisory push-ins are increasingly geared towards college planning: creating personal testing calendars for the SAT and ACT, developing college lists on Naviance, building an effective resume, and maximizing summer and co-curricular experiences to augment college applications.

HIGHLY QUALIFIED and dedicated school counselors. Our commitment to providing specialized academic and personal counseling includes three full-time school counselors, two full-time college counselors, and two student support counselors, all of whom have Master’s degrees and are credentialed in counseling. Our philosophy is to never stop learning; to that end, our counselors enrolled in the Columbia University’s inaugural college counseling course to connect with counselors from across the United States and to gain valuable insights on assisting our students find their best-fit college.

Family Communication

Counselors schedule grade-level family meetings at the beginning of the school year. Our “Coffee with the Counselors” sessions introduce parents to the freshman, sophomore, and junior years of high school with an overview of important dates, information about creating the best home learning environment possible, and step-by-step guides for parents to assist their students in college search and selection.
In spring of Sophomore year, parents are invited to sophomore family counseling meetings, which include individualized planning for junior and senior years, an assessment of academic progress and trajectory, and an analysis of college options.