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CIF Regulations

All eligibility requirements are set by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), the North Coast Section (NCS), the Vine Valley Athletic League (VVAL) and Justin-Siena.
Age Requirement
• No student whose 19th birthday is on or after June 15th shall participate or practice on any team in the following school year.
• A student shall not participate in an interscholastic varsity football game or scrimmage until the student has reached his 15th birthday.
• High school teams shall not compete or practice against other individuals or teams in football or wrestling unless the players on such teams meet the age requirements of the CIF.

Scholastic Eligibility
• Each student athlete must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 during the previous grading period. Grading periods at Justin-Siena are the 1st quarter, 1st semester, 3rd quarter, and 2nd semester.
• If the student fails to maintain a 2.0 GPA during the next grading period, the student will become ineligible for athletics. The student can regain athletic eligibility when he or she achieves a 2.0 GPA at the subsequent grading period.
• Summer school grades may count towards athletic eligibility. For the purpose of eligibility, grades achieved during the summer may be substituted for the previous grade in the same subject or class. Other courses will be averaged.
• Schools in the VVAL may allow an athlete one probationary period his/her entire high school athletic career governed by the following policies:
• Athletes must apply for probation.
• The probationary period shall be no longer than one grading period – a quarter.
• Juniors and seniors only will be granted probation as determined by the Athletic Director or the Principal.

School Attendance Requirements
Student athletes must attend 50% or a majority of class periods in a school day in order to be eligible to participate in practice or a contest that same day. School activities will not count as absences.

Transfer Eligibility
A student, who transfers from one school to another without a change of address on the part of the parents or legal guardian, must file a waiver of ineligibility form with the Athletic Director. The North Coast Section of CIF must approve this waiver before the student athlete will be eligible for sports. Foreign exchange/international students may be eligible if the exchange program meets CIF guidelines. All transfer student-athletes must consult with the Athletic Director regarding eligibility.

Competition on an Outside Team
A student athlete on a high school team becomes ineligible for participation for the entire season if he/she competes in a contest on an outside team in the same sport during the student athlete’s high school season of sport. Exceptions include the following:
• In soccer, it is permissible for a student athlete on a high school soccer team to compete in contests on an outside soccer team.
• Unattached competition is permissible for a student athlete during a season of sport provided the student enters in the individual sports of badminton (singles/doubles), cross country, golf, gymnastics, skiing, swimming (including attached entries in relays), wrestling, tennis (singles/doubles), and track (including unattached entry in relays).

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