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"During the last event of NCS, my last race as a swimmer at Justin-Siena, our relay team rallied together and swam our fastest race of the year. To accomplish this at NCS, on my last race as a Brave, is something that I will never forget."
Middle School:  St. Francis Solano

College:  United States Military Academy at West Point

What do you plan to study?  biology with a French minor

What was your favorite class at JS? 
While choosing a single favorite class at Justin-Siena is no easy task, I would have to say that Senior Servant Leadership taught by Mr. Cordero has been my favorite class this year. Not only has this class propelled my development as a leader, it has also caused me to play a greater role in the school community. I have learned so much more about the principles and ethics of servant leadership.
Understanding the key components of servant leadership has not only lead to my improvement as a leader, but to the benefit of the groups, teams, and individuals that I lead. Mr. Cordero genuinely cares about each student in the class, and stands as a role model for all of us.

Co-curricular Involvement at JS:
Varsity Swim, Captain, Varsity Water Polo, Captain, Fitness Club President, Executive Board Member

Where would you be found on campus?
When I am not working with a teacher or preparing for a class, you can usually find me in the north western corner of senior lawn. My friends and I have taken this corner and made it our own with a hammock, lawn chairs, blankets, and a portable speaker. 

What is your favorite JS memory?
Although I have many memories from my time here at Justin-Siena, my favorite memory occurred this spring at the NCS swim meet. Under the leadership and guidance of my swim coach, Coach Codie, I was able to lead our relay team to qualifying for 2 relays at NCS (something that has not been done it many years). As the Captain of the team, the responsibility fell upon my shoulders to make sure my men were prepared for the intensity and importance of NCS. During the last event of NCS, my last race as a swimmer at Justin-Siena, our relay team rallied together and swam our fastest race of the year. So fast, in fact, that we set our second school-relay record of the year. To accomplish this at NCS, on my last race as a Brave, is something that I will never forget. I look forward to the future of the team, and I am profusely proud of what we were able to accomplish this year.

What's your favorite thing to do at JS?
Change for Our World marks a special time of the year at Justin-Siena. During this week, there are various events put on by students and faculty to raise money for those in need. Among these events, there are Super Smash Bros and basketball tournaments. Participating in these tournaments is something that I look forward to every year. Not only do they contribute to a noble cause, they allow for students and faculty to compete with one another in friendly competition. The events also bring the community together and help recognize the importance of being Lasallian.
Why should a prospective student or family come to JS? Whether it's theater, sports, robotics, or service, Justin-Siena has something to offer for everybody. The opportunities at Justin-Siena are endless. The teachers at Justin-Siena also want to see students succeed, and genuinely care about the student's welfare. With so many different programs to offer, it is also important to take note that school "cliques" generally become non-existent by senior year. Students recognize that no matter what we spend our time doing at Justin-Siena, we are all a part of the same community. The counselors are also top-notch at Justin-Siena, even if they do not receive as much spot light. I can personally attest to how much my guidance counselor, Mrs. Alvarez, has helped me during my four years as a Brave. My college counselor, Mrs. Flores, has also played a significant role in my admittance to West Point.

Advice for JS Students:
Choose something and stick with it! There are many quality programs that Justin-Siena has to offer, so much so that it can be overwhelming as a freshman. But I believe one of the worst things you can do as a freshman is choose to not get involved. Whatever you choose, give it your all. Go to every practice, rehearsal, competition, show, etc. Working your hardest in whatever you do will pay off, I guarantee it. Along the way, you will make memories and friends that will last a lifetime. On the other end of the spectrum, do not feel like you have to do everything! You can spread yourself too thin.

One word to describe JS: OPPORTUNITY

Justin-Siena High School

Justin-Siena is a Catholic high school in the Lasallian tradition offering a college preparatory program that serves young men and women in grades 9–12.