Meet Our Students


"I will always remember how that experience made me see just how much of a supportive community Justin-Siena was and still is."
Middle School:  St. John's Lutheran

College:  Stanford University

What do you plan to study?  engineering and performing arts

Co-curricular Involvement at JS:
theater (plays, musicals, and tech crew), robotics, cross country, and student ambassador

Where would you be found on campus?
If I'm not rehearsing in Siena Hall or modeling buildings in the Engineering room, I'm on Senior Lawn with my friends, eating Basset-made snacks.

What is your favorite JS memory? 
When I was a freshman, I absolutely adored the seniors who did theater. I knew their names, who their friends were, and of course where they wanted to go to college. I remember that one day after a long musical rehearsal while waiting to be picked up by my mom, one of the senior theater guys found out he had been accepted into the Musical Theater program at UCLA (apparently something like ten people out of thousands get into this program every year). This was his absolute dream, and he was yelling and jumping around and had the biggest smile on his face. He was so excited and happy that all the random theater kids of all grade levels that were still there ran out on the north lawn with him and his friends and sat in a circle while he read his acceptance letter to us. That boy wouldn't even recognize me today, but I will always remember how that experience made me see just how much of a supportive community Justin-Siena was and still is.

What is your favorite thing to do at JS?
My favorite thing to do as a student at Justin-Siena is attend co-curricular events. Football games, musicals, plays, concerts, dance shows, rallies, bonfires, and more are just a really good time.

Why Justin-Siena?
One of my favorite things about Justin-Siena is that the teachers are all really invested in their students. Many of them go above and beyond to educate and care for us. The teachers are never inaccessible, but always open and helpful. Also, Justin has an amazing theater program. It's simply an incredible feeling to participate in a (high school) theater program that is regionally renowned and makes magic.

Advice to JS Students:
Get involved with as many co-curricular activities as you can (but without negatively impacting your academics!). Not only will this allow you to explore new passions, but you will find all kinds of friends who will make your high school experience memorable.

What one word best describes JS?  BUSY

Justin-Siena High School

Justin-Siena is a Catholic high school in the Lasallian tradition offering a college preparatory program that serves young men and women in grades 9–12.