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Away Athletic Contest Supervision and Overnight Trips

School Policy Regarding Supervision for Away Athletic Contests/Overnight Trips

In order to provide the highest quality, safest and most secure experience when travelling the Justin-Siena athletic department adheres to these policies:
1. The minimal number of chaperones/coaches for athletic contests/overnight trips is one for every 15 students; for out- of-state or out-of- country trips, it is one for every 8 students.
2. For large groups, especially a group that must be divided into smaller groups for transportation, etc., additional supervision may be necessary. The coach in charge must see to it that all students involved in an athletic contest are under the direct supervision of an administratively approved adult. Names of supervisors must be submitted to the Athletic Director.
3. In the event of any problem occurring during an athletic contest or overnight trip (e.g., an accident, a major infraction of 21 school rules, an illegal act, etc.), the coach in charge is to immediately call the Athletic Director or Principal and/or the VPCI and file a detailed written report through the Athletic Director as soon as possible (by the following morning, at the latest). This report should include all pertinent information including persons involved and witnesses.
4. Chaperones/coaches for all athletic contests, requiring overnight stays must adhere to all Diocesan policies regarding sleeping arrangements; no adult may share a room with a student or students unless at least one other adult of the same sex is also present.
5. Athletic contests that occur on non-school days must still conform to required procedures.

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