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The Justin-Siena Fund A Need raises money for a specially identified project each year in conjunction with our largest fundraising event, the Crab Fest.

Previous Campaigns

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  • 2023: "The Commons" Outdoor Event Space

    The addition of perimeter fencing along Maher Street allowed Justin-Siena to recapture an acre of previously unused grounds. The 2023 CRAB FEST will help transform the lawn in front of the Dining Hall into a beautiful outdoor gathering and dining area for Justin-Siena students, to be known as "The Commons." Features of The Commons will include an open layout design with an outdoor dining area for students to enjoy daily. This welcoming space will feature dining tables, adirondack chairs, and a fire pit beneath the natural shade of oak trees that line the Maher Street side of our campus. Creative lighting details will provide ambiance for evening events. The Commons also creates a new space for outside groups to rent, generating funding for campus-wide facilities maintenance and expenses.
  • 2022: Seen, Known, Loved. AND HEARD!

    2022 Fund-a-Need: The hallmark of a Justin-Siena education is that our students are seen, known, and loved. Now is the time for them to be HEARD! This year, our Fund-a-Need effort prioritizes areas for technology upgrades. Our expansive campus is due for essential communications and AV enhancements that will advance the safety of our community while enriching our comprehensive student experience.
    With your support, we plan to upgrade:
    • The public address (PA) system, replacing lower volume speakers and adding additional speakers to common areas
    • Siena Hall, including a dedicated sound board and speaker system
    • Speaker and WiFi upgrades throughout the Brave Athletic Complex…and more!
  • 2021: Colin Chadwick '08 Team Center

    Fund-A-Need 2021
    Team Center

    Hear from our Director of Philanthropy, Andrea Flores, and our Alumni Relations Coordinator and Assistant Athletic Director, Andrew Bettencourt '02 as they spell out what this will mean for over 70% of our students who participate in one or more sports at Justin-Siena!

    The Clark Gym will now equitably house:
    • Boys and girls locker rooms
    • Two team meeting rooms
    • A coaches office
    • A remodel of our already thriving Athletic Training room
    Your support is vital to continue to ensure our facilities meet the standard of excellence. Your commitment has driven our recent strategic initiatives such as the Clark Gym renovation in 2017, the Braves Grove in 2018, the 400 wing air conditioning in 2019, and more.
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  • 2020: Faculty Housing Project

    • With $1 million already committed we are aggressively pursuing a fast timeline towards building 8, two bedroom cottages on the north side of campus.  These cottages will be a place that will allow our staff to save and start their families while comfortably being a part of our own. St John Baptist de la Salle spoke of, “one commitment leading to another.” Through this commitment to both retaining and attracting capable teachers they can commit to being a part of our family while being a key part of yours. Currently 40% of faculty and staff commute outside of Napa proper to come to school every day. Our students feel at home when they enter the classroom.  We want our teachers to share and experience that same comfort, love and support right here on campus.
    • For our 2020 Fund-A-Need we will be supporting our recently announced faculty housing project.
  • 2019: 400 Wing Air Conditioning

    Justin-Siena has exceptional students, talented faculty and staff, and has prepared students to serve and to lead since 1966. While it might be cold in January, the 400 wing is one of the hottest places in Napa in the warm months...and it doesn’t have to be that way! 
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  • 2018: Braves Grove

    At the junction of three athletic fields, concessions, and the Braves Fitness Center, our campus has an unused space ready to be transformed! Help us create new traditions by being a founding sponsor of Braves Grove—a place for much more than game-time breaks. 
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  • 2017: More Than a Court–The Clark Gym

    At 50 years old, the Clark Gym is showing its age. The well-worn maple floor boards have been sanded and patched to their limits, and now need replacing.
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  • 2016: Fixtures & Furnishings

    Help us outfit the interior of the soon-to-be renovated 100 Wing with the latest features for innovative learning.
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  • 2015: Initiative for the Arts

    Help us realize a vision to create a space where students can inspire and be inspired.
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  • 2014: Student Fitness Center

    Make an Immediate Impact: You can make an immediate impact on ALL students—the Fitness Center in Dodd Stadium. It’s one thing to renovate an aged facility, but since we teach our students to think big—so are we. We are re-envisioning the existing space in a way that leverages its location and makes it available to all students.
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  • 2013: Apps for 1:1 iPad Program

    “There’s an APP for that!” When school opens in August, all students will receive an iPad as part of a new 1:1 iPad program being launched for the 2013-14 academic year. Widely identified as an important educational tool with an immense capacity for learning and engaging with peers on campus and around the globe, these iPads are just the beginning of a new era of excellence in education at Justin-Siena.
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  • 2012: Campus Wireless Infrastructure

    If we want our students to be able to join fast-paced, data-driven communication and decision-making, and to be able to respond and contribute carefully, thoughtfully, ethically, analytically, we must have wireless.
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About Fund a Need

For our academic and co-curricular programs to continue to see the success we have recently enjoyed and in order to ensure our campus remains safe and accessible for all students, our facilities must match those standards of excellence. This commitment has driven our strategic initiatives of late in terms of the Welcome Center in the Christian Brothers Center, the Clark Gym and Dining Hall renovation projects, the refashioning of the Gasser Center, renovations and upgrades to our Student Fitness Center, new fixtures and furnishings for the academic wings, and transforming the former Convent to house our new and well received Residential Life program—not to mention infrastructure enhancements that are harder to see, but just as critical, such as an essential wireless network, and improved grounds maintenance including drainage issues.
Your gift is 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. JSHS is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization registered with the IRS. Justin-Siena Tax ID #94-2168313.

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