A Catholic High School in the Lasallian Tradition
Honoring our past and the native inhabitants of the land with which the school has been blessed, Justin-Siena is proud to be the Home of the Braves–since 1966.

About the Braves

In 2011 the Justin-Siena community had a unique opportunity to partner with members of the local Wappo-Mishewal Tribal Council—representatives of the inhabitants who called the Napa Valley home as early as 4500 BC. With the blessing and encouragement of the Council, a group of Justin-Siena student leaders began to research the Wappo people, culture, and traditions—a project which would inform the creation of our Brave. 

The student research revealed that these early Napa residents were given the name Wappo by Spanish settlers as a form of the word ‘guapo,’ and literally translated, means ‘brave’ or ‘courageous.’ Their findings led to the creation of a mascot designed to reflect the uniqueness of Wappo culture and traditions while incorporating some Justin-Siena characteristics as well. Our Justin-Siena Brave is a tribute to the Wappo heritage, a way of celebrating our local history, and an opportunity to learn and to serve, as is the Lasallian way.

Justin-Siena’s Lasallian culture is akin to a Wappo community not simply by a common locale in the Napa Valley but also through cultural similarities like the importance of ritual, especially prayer. The Wappo began nearly everything with a prayer. Also, the notion of family and community was very important to the Wappo, and they shared meals together. They were a peaceful people although brave and powerful if provoked or threatened in any way. They survived on what the land provided and wasted nothing of nature’s resources. The Wappo thrived in a community-like environment and were known as all-around athletes.

Symbols and Meaning

Our Brave is depicted in the Justin-Siena school colors of navy blue, red, and white. The figure is adorned with a traditional Wappo headdress known as a flicker, for the small feathers that border the piece and the distinctive feathered quill adornment.

The five red diamonds in the flicker represent Justin-Siena’s five Lasallian Core Principles of: concern for the poor and social justice; faith in the presence of God; respect for all persons; inclusive community; and quality education. These important tenets of a school in the centuries-old, Lasallian tradition permeate everything we do at Justin-Siena—in and out of the classroom and on and off the playing field.

Located around the neck of our Brave is a strand of shells representing the Wappo currency. The arrowhead on the necklace symbolizes the resourcefulness of making tools from what nature provides, such as obsidian from nearby Glass Mountain. The fact that our Brave wears this arrowhead is to signify a sense of readiness and preparation for whatever lies ahead.

The cross-armed stance of our Brave conveys a sense of all what it means to be BRAVE: faith, knowledge, confidence, strength, courage, integrity, tenacity, and commitment.

We stand together united by a proud legacy and the collective confidence in our preparedness for whatever we face on the field, on the court, on the stage, in the classroom, within our families, in our communities, and in life. WE ARE Justin-Siena, and together we are BRAVE.


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Sempre Avanti
Justin-Siena is a day and boarding Catholic high school in the Lasallian tradition offering a college preparatory program that serves more than 650 young men and women in grades 9–12.  Founded  in 1966 by the De La Salle Christian Brothers and the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, the school is located on forty acres in the City of Napa. Justin-Siena serves a diverse student body from the Napa and Sonoma Valleys and Solano County.