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On this page you will find resources related to our digital learning, wellness, and service.  Finally, Justin-Siena is blessed with generous benefactors and partners. Whether through Access 707, Braves Alliance, Crab Fest, Taste of Justin-Siena, Annual Giving, or support for everything in between, we thank and salute the many businesses who support our work. We invite you to support their work and their support of ours. Please visit the #BravesUnited tab below to learn more about how to help our community during these times.  

Communications & Resources

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  • #BravesUnited

    • To give to #BravesUnited, click here. Launched in response to ever changing family needs during these times, #BravesUnited is aimed at providing emergency tuition assistance for those suddenly in need.  
    • Read Mr. David Holquin's letter to the community announcing #BravesUnited here.  
    • For a complete list of our Justin-Siena supporters click here.  Please consider supporting them as they have always been gracious and generous supporters of us.  

    Enhanced Tax Benefits for Charitable Gifts

    • $300 Deduction of Cash Contributions: Ability for an above-the-line deduction up to $300 of cash contributions to charities, regardless of whether the individual itemizes deductions.
    • Changes to Limits on Charitable Contributions:
      • Individuals: For those who itemize their deductions for charitable giving, the 50% of adjusted gross income limit is suspended for 2020.
      • Corporations: The 10% limit on charitable contributions is increased to 25% of taxable income
  • Class of 2020 Graduation Activities

    Justin-Siena High School is proud of the Class of 2020 and looks forward to celebrating their accomplishments and ALLHEART pride. The COVID-19 Pandemic which has impacted the globe has put on hold a number of right of passage activities for the moment, but Justin-Siena will not allow that to diminish our excitement for this milestone.
    The options outlined below are intended to help families with possible planning. Please keep in mind that these are all subject to whether or not the County, State, or Federal governmental agencies restrict the number of people possible to gather at certain dates.

    Senior Athletes
    Beginning March 25th, the Athletics Office began promoting our senior spring athletes. Just because we might not be able to have a senior night at the moment, we can certainly celebrate them and their individual accomplishments. Be on the lookout on the Justin-Siena High School Schoology group and Justin-Siena Facebook and salute our seniors.  

    Large Celebratory Gatherings
    Option #1 
    This assumes that the various health professionals do not limit the number of people who can gather to less than 250

    • Prom - May 16
    • Senior Sunset and Graduation Practice - May 26
    • Baccalaureate - May 27
    • Graduation - May 28

    Option #2
    This assumes that the various health professionals do not limit the number of people who can gather to less than 250
    • Prom - June 30
    • Senior Sunset and Graduation Practice - July 1
    • Baccalaureate - July 2
    • Graduation - July 3
    • Founder’s Day - July 4

    Option #3
    This assumes that the various health professionals do not limit the number of people who can gather to less than 250
    • Prom - August 1 
    • Founder’s Day - August 3
    • Senior Sunset and Graduation Practice - August 5
    • Baccalaureate - August 6
    • Graduation - August 7

    Option #4
    Digital Graduation ceremony for the majority of guests. Graduates, faculty, and 4 family members attend a ceremony on campus with appropriate social distancing . 

    We are still looking into the other events such as yearbook distribution and Senior Trip to see how we might best provide a proper venue and time for them to happen. Please know that we will communicate with all of you as soon as we have more details.
  • Communications From the School

    • Read the May 21, 2020 letter from Mr. Holquin here.
    • Read the April 29, 2020 letter from Mr. Holquin here.
    • Read the April 1, 2020 letter from Mr. Holquin here.
    • Read the March 25, 2020 letter from Mr. Bailey here.
    • Read the March 19, 2020 letter from Mr. Holquin here.
    • Read the March 13, 2020 letter from Mr. Holquin here.
    • Read the March 10, 2020 letter from Mr. Holquin here.
    • Read the February 27, 2020 letter from Mr Holquin here.
  • Digital Learning Action Plan

  • Digital Learning Attendance and Behavior Guidelines

    • DLD Attendance Guidelines Because there have been some questions regarding attendance during the Digital Learning Days (DLD) we would like to provide some clarity. Please note that the Justin-Siena Student Parent Handbook includes this statement:
      • Be courteous at all times, especially in the classroom. Students and faculty should be prepared to begin class in accordance with the schedule of the day and remain on task until excused by the teacher at the end of class.

      During Digital Learning Days students are asked to be present especially when the instructor is providing a real-time virtual class meeting which was communicated via Schoology 24 hours before the meeting began. Teachers are not required to provide individualized instruction or make-up times if a student misses the virtual class meeting. Faculty may make and post recordings, or other resources but please do not expect or depend on this. Students must make every reasonable attempt to attend  Faculty members may also choose to allow for absences for reasonable causes and provide make-up meetings if the student communicates directly with the teacher.
    • Virtual Meeting Student Behavior Guidelines There have been  instances of distracting behavior during virtual class meetings and we would like to remind everyone of these general guidelines.  

      The Justin-Siena Student Parent Handbook states:

      All members of the Justin-Siena community are to show courtesy and good manners at all times. The following guidelines for conduct and courtesy should be observed by all:
      • Be considerate of others. Give respectful attention to the speaker whether the speaker is an instructor, a fellow student, or a guest speaker. Speak politely and distinctly. Do not disrupt the class or assembly by talking out of turn or by any other distracting behavior.

      Please remember that respect for all persons and quality education are at the core of our values as a Lasallian school and it is expected that all members of our community will be held accountable for these values. Students should not be distracting others in the way they dress or their behavior.
  • Service Opportunities During the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Wellness Resources

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