Meet Our Students

Meet our Students

Our students have different passions, gifts, personalities, and backgrounds. In their diversity, our students have some things in common: they love each other, and they love their school.

Get to know some of our students and hear from them directly about their experience at Justin-Siena. 

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  • Nick

    I chose Justin because of the education and our sports.  They also do a lot to help with their students.  My transition from middle school was actually very nice because I got to know lots of my classmates before school since I play sports and we have the immersions.  At Justin I’m looking forward to more of the retreats so I can interact more with my classmates. I am also looking forward to our sports seasons.The people here have helped me manage my time better, which gave me more free time to finish class work or homework before returning home or going to practice and they will help me look into the colleges that fit me.
  • Timmy

    Justin Siena was my school of choice mainly for its warm and welcoming environment. Here at Justin everyone welcomes you with open arms, especially the teachers and coaches. If you are scared of coming to Justin and being left out, trust me you’ll make friends and work with the teachers just fine. At Justin one thing that I am looking forward to reaching my full potential in both sports and schoolwork. In school there are many times where someone may slack off, but the teachers here always help you find your way back up. As for sports the coaches at Justin are some of the best and always tend to push you to the max and get the best out of you.  Justin Siena has helped me a lot when it comes down to it. It showed me that sports are more mental than physical and you have to want it. As well as for school work it showed me that I too can exceed. But most importantly it helped to show me where I belong, and that is as a Justin Siena Brave.
  • Erica

    This is where I have always wanted go ever since middle school. Speaking from experience, participating in sports, whether you are watching a game or be part of the team generates an inclusive environment. The arts are an amazing way to express yourself since we offer so many great programs. Being Catholic, Justin brings about a Christ-centered community which helps me grow deeper in my faith.  Although high school seems like a scary place to go, the transition from middle school was smooth. Many upperclassmen as well as teachers offer an abundant amount of help to lead you throughout the school. They have taught me that I can exceed in my abilities when it comes to school work. Sports have taught me what a team really meant: a family. Finally, the arts have taught me that I can express myself through singing and ways to improve.
  • Eric

    I came to Justin-Siena because my older sister went here, although I chose Justin-Siena because of it’s promising future. Justin-Siena is a strong knit community, united together to give their students the best education. My middle school to high school experience was a little tough. But worked out throughout the years. Coming from a public school to a private school was a big change in friends, academics, and my personal character. I have learned to adapt to new things, as well as learn how to challenge myself out of my comfort zone. I am looking forward to expanding my club on campus, along with taking more leadership roles to help those in need.  Justin-Siena has helped me improve spirituality, morally and academically. This all came to be with the help of all of the wonderful teachers and facility on campus. 
  • Raha

    I chose Justin-Siena because of the quality education we get here as a college prep school. Additionally, the small environment provides for easy access to help from our teachers, and we are able to form valuable connections.  Though high school seemed intimidating at first, the community at Justin made me feel welcomed, and it was easy to navigate around my classes and the school.
    Here I have grown as a student and person. I’ve learned that building connections and forming relationships is an incredibly important part of life, and can help you to reach your goals.
  • Sophia

    Justin-Siena not only provided a large amount of opportunity from their variety of classes to their clubs, but also presented to be one of the most highly academically challenging schools that provided such superior education that graduating classes were prepared for college, or any other plans they have for the future.  Here I have become much more of a sociable person than I thought I could be. I’ve met fantastic people whom have encouraged me to step out and try something new, either big or small. Justin-Siena just has this homey feeling about it.

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