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Project Background

Since 2010 Justin-Siena has been diligently investigating creative ways to ensure the financial sustainability of our school for future generations of Braves in the form of alternative revenue sources.

One such source emerged in a way that Justin-Siena could leverage one of its greatest assets: land. After several iterations and years of planning and collaboration, the school determined that a 5.8 acre parcel of land on the northeast side of campus would be ideally suited for a long-term ground lease. The school has partnered with a development company (Oppidan) to develop that parcel for a senior housing facility.

Having a senior residence in close proximity to our campus will allow for cross-curricular outreach and service-learning opportunities, intergenerational learning projects, and possible student internships. In addition, the vibrancy of a high school will keep senior residents active and engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q. When will construction begin? How long will it take?

    Grading of the property should begin April 2018 with construction taking place by May 2018. Construction of the facility will take 22 months. The facility plans to open in 2020.
  • Q. How can I find out about living there?

    ~Community will be open Spring 2020~

    Leasing number: 888.310.5011
  • Q. Will there be disruption to classes?

    There should be little disruption to current classes other than occasional construction noise. Construction is not expected to interfere with the daily schedule or lives of the students. In addition, there will be a defined barrier between the school and the construction site.
  • Q. Where will the development take place?

    The development of the senior living facility will take place in the northeast corner of campus along Solano Avenue (currently where the softball field is located). It will take up approximately 5.8 acres of Justin-Siena’s 40 acre property.
  • Q. How will this project benefit Justin-Siena?

    Justin-Siena, like any private school, relies heavily on tuition and fees, and philanthropic support. In order to keep pace with ever-growing expenses to attract and retain excellent educators, provide dynamic curricular and co-curricular offerings, and to remain accessible to the working poor and those of modest or ordinary means,  this project provides an additional layer of financial support to assure that our mission will continue for future generations of Braves.
  • Q. Is the school selling this property?

    No. This is a long-term land lease. Lease proceeds will be similar to revenue that is realized from an endowment, though more predictable and not tied directly to market conditions.
  • Q. What are the safety/security implications to a construction site on campus? How are they being addressed?

    Our administration is working closely with the developer and the contractor to assure student safety. There will be limited access to campus for construction crews, and parking and entrance for construction workers will be off of Solano Avenue, not through the campus. The school and the developer are working on rules of engagement to assure safety for both the school community and those working on the site.
  • Q. Will there be a relationship between the school and the senior living community?

    Yes. The project will allow our students unique service-learning and co-curricular opportunities with senior residents who reside adjacent to campus. This may include inter-generational learning projects, student internships, senior mentors, and community outreach. The senior housing facility will host a small café, community center, fitness facility and even a chapel. All of these facilities will lend opportunities for our student to interact with the senior residents.
  • Q. What will happen to the softball field?

    A new softball complex is being considered on campus. The current proposed site will be located adjacent to the baseball field behind the fire house. We are looking forward to the softball complex being located with the other spring sports and no longer isolated on the north side of campus.
  • Q. Will this project change the scope of the baseball field?

    No. The only major change to the baseball field is the relocation of the scoreboard.
  • Q. Does this mean tuition will go down?

    Even with this new project, tuition will not decrease. The project may allow us to slow the rate of increases, but the annual cost of operating the school, as with any business, continues to rise.
  • Q. Does this mean Justin-Siena no longer has to fundraise?

    While this project does provide the school with a new source of revenue, it does not mean that Justin-Siena won’t continue to raise funds to support annual programs, special projects, tuition assistance, and future capital needs of the school. It does mean that school will have a new source of revenue to supplement other fund raising efforts allowing certain initiatives to become a reality and a faster pace.
  • Q. What is the size of the facility/how many units?

    There will be 173 units built within 3 stories. The majority of these will units will be 1-2 bedroom independent living, with another smaller portion reserved for memory care.
  • Q. How can I get my parents or grandparents a unit in this new community?

    As information becomes available we will inform our Justin-Siena community first and post to this page about the opportunities for senior living.
  • Q. The building site hosted several charity events - will they continue on campus?

    Yes, we are not expecting to lose any of our charity events and our campus still has plenty of land for such experiences. We remain committed to being good community partners. We do not intend to lose any of our charity events. We still have land opportunities to host such events.
  • Q. Will late night activities (plays, Crab Fest, etc.) be restricted to certain hours?

    We do not anticipate any changes to the hours of special events. All residents will be signing a disclosure acknowledging they live adjacent to a high school and that there will be expected noise from time to time associated with school events.

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