Leadership Structure

School Leadership

From 1966 until 1994, Justin-Siena employed a traditional Principal model whereby the position of principal oversaw both internal and external matters. In 1994, Justin-Siena decided to adjust its administrative structure and began to employ both a President and Principal. This change was a response to the growing complexity experienced in leading Lasallian Catholic high schools. The President was to focus on matters such as enrollment and fundraising, alumni and public relations, finances and strategic planning, legal matters and human resources.  The Principal was in charge of the daily operations of school life such as the faculty, professional development, curriculum development, and student life. At any number of schools, though, there were many different models for school leadership (e.g. a Head of School model, a President with various Vice Presidents, a President and Provost, President/Principal, Executive Director, to name a few). Each school needs to find the right structure given its context, size, scope of duties, mission, and desired future outcomes. 

After a period of discernment with the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, students, parents, and other educational leaders, it is clear the time has come for a new model of school leadership. It is appropriate to move beyond a dual-administrator model to a clear and single point of leadership accountability and authority--in most cases this is what Justin-Siena has had for the past two years. To that end, what has been designed is a structure that provides for the integrity of the President’s overall leadership role with a plan for more delegation of duties to division leaders. The role of Principal will be eliminated and division leaders will have authority in respective areas. These division leaders will report to the President, an arrangement that is often found in independent schools and the collegiate world. 

Justin-Siena will continue to be served by a President/CEO. The President will work in collaboration with and provide direction for Vice Presidents as division leaders and others in designated positions. The President offers a school-wide vision and an enabling structure to accomplish its mission. The President reports to and is the sole employee of the school’s Board of Trustees. Most importantly, the President, as authorized by the Board of Trustees, is accountable for and has authority in all matters associated with the success of Justin-Siena, its faculty, staff, and students. In turn, those within the President’s reporting channels will have appropriate authority within their areas of responsibility.

The details of the organizational structure that will be in place beginning July 1, 2020 follow below.

This letter was sent out to our community on October 18, 2019 by President David Holquin. 
The President is the Chief Executive Officer who has overall responsibility for Justin-Siena High School. The President provides leadership and oversight for all aspects of school life, including academics, finance, advancement, enrollment, planning, legal, and other key areas.  

Reporting to the President are the following individuals
  • VP for Academic Affairs
  • VP for Advancement 
  • VP for Finance
  • VP for Student Affairs
  • Executive Assistant to the President

Vice President for Academic Affairs 
The Vice President for Academic Affairs is the Chief Academic Officer who provides leadership and oversight for the academic mission, vision, and short and long-term initiatives of academic growth at Justin-Siena. The VPAA is responsible for assuring an innovative curriculum and Lasallian pedagogy that helps each student be successful. 

Reporting to the Vice President for Academic Affairs are the following people or programs:
  • Academic Services
  • Counseling Program (Guidance, College Counseling, Student Support)
  • Faculty
  • Summer School for high school students

Vice President for Advancement 
The Vice President for Advancement is the Chief Advancement Officer who provides oversight and leadership to key areas for the school’s sustainability, external relations, and attracting philanthropic supporters to advance the school’s mission and vision. 

Reporting to the Vice President for Advancement are the following programs:
  • Admissions
  • Communications
  • Development
  • Summer Programs for youth younger than high school

Vice President for Finance
The Vice President for Finance is the Chief Financial Officer who provides oversight and leadership for the school’s financial health, and is responsible for the planning and management of the school’s resources in order to facilitate and support its mission and strategic plan.  

Reporting to the Vice President for Finance are the following programs:

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Transportation

Vice President for Student Affairs 
The Vice President for Student Affairs is the Chief Student Life Officer who is responsible for providing oversight and leadership to the Lasallian Catholic ALLHeart culture. The VPSA is responsible for high quality programing and furthering non-academic educational goals. 

Reporting to the Vice President for Student Affairs are the following programs:
  • Athletics
  • Lasallian Student Life Office
  • Student Culture and Discipline
  • Theatre

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